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Materiale tehnice

CoM-DeP: A Photographer’s Hand book - How to take pictures of construction works process

One of the components of the proper quality control is documenting of the construction works process that must be established for all subprojects during the construction works. Photo shooting is an important part of this.
The Support Team recommends organizing a photo shooting of all objects using these guidelines.

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CoM-DeP: Quality control and typical defects of construction works

This guideline aims at all technical experts who are involved in the construction works process e.g. construction companies, site supervisors, project managers, etc. This guide should provide basic information on the technical defects but not limit all possible deviations from the suggested technical solutions, required standards and installation practices. As each project has its specific construction details and materials the recommended approach must be adopted for each project according to its actual needs.

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CoM-DeP: Technical guide on the district heating projects implementation

These guidelines should encourage and allow municipalities and district heating companies to transform their facilities into modern and energy efficient district heating systems that provide high-level services to consumers.

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CoM-DeP: Energy service contracts – an effective tool for financing energy-efficient projects

Information about the legislative framework and principles of energy service companies (ESCOs), mechanisms of energy service contracts, examples from the practice of their implementation in Ukraine.


CoM-DeP: Measurement & Verification Guidelines

The Support Team has developed a number of guidelines on measurement and verification within three thematic clusters. Each of them includes a set of indicators that need to be permanently measured and monitored to calculate energy savings in each of the subprojects for the sake of comparing consumption before project implementation and after its implementation.

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  • Refurbishment of district heating systems: EN     RU
  • Street lighting: EN     RU

CoM-DeP: Technical Supervision

These document templates will simplify the process of conducting technical supervision of work at the facility. It includes the concept of technical supervision with a list of measures that are agreed between the project team and the technical supervision specialist, as well as the corresponding weekly report templates for the construction company and the protocol of meetings on the work performed on the object.

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CoM-DeP: Street Lighting Guidebook

This publication is designed for those that are interested in street lighting in general and the implementation of street lighting projects in particular. It was meant to cover all key issues related to street lighting, in one place, with a sufficient level of details.


CoM-DeP: Technical Guidelines - Building Refurbishments

This Guideline provides general information on the technical requirements to typical construction elements used to develop and implement comprehensive high-quality thermal refurbishment of buildings which will considerably reduce annual operating expenses.

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CoM-DeP: Project implementation Guidelines – Technical Implementation

The Guidelines contain a description of the phases of technical implementation of demonstration projects, logical sequence of stages, roles and tasks of the project team, reporting and results of each phase, commodity/services suppliers contracted by the project as well as the role of the Support Team and the EU Delegation.

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CoM-DeP: Project Implementation Guidelines

These Guidelines have been developed in order to support project teams in project management, as well as to provide them with better understanding of how to manage a project and efficiently and rationally implement it, following the EU rules and procedures, as well as how to minimize any risks of their mismatch.​

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Raportul final privind Finanțarea investițiilor în energie durabilă, climă și mediu la nivel local în țările Parteneriatului Estic

Prezentul raport reprezintă un studiu al decalajelor în finanțarea investițiilor în domeniul energiei, climei și mediului la nivel local în țările Parteneriatului Estic (PaE). În condițiile presiunilor crescânde din perspectiva schimbării climei, autoritățile locale din țările PaE deseori se confruntă cu dificultăți în atragerea finanțării și expertizei pentru realizarea proiectelor infrastructurale în sectoarele sus-menționate. Studiul scoate în evidență principalele obstacole, focusându-se în mod special pe organizarea teritorial-administrativă și sectorul bancar. Sunt prezentate recomandări atât pentru autoritățile locale, cât și pentru cele centrale (de nivel național), precum și viitoarele programe în domeniile de energie, climă și mediu.


Orientări pentru raportare

Documentul de faţă le oferă semnatarilor orientări pas cu pas despre cum trebuie raportate informaţiile din diversele secţiuni ale platformei de raportare a Convenţiei - MyCovenant. A fost elaborat de Oficiul european al Convenţiei primarilor în colaborare cu JRC şi este menit să ajute semnatarii să înţeleagă cadrul de raportare al Convenţiei şi să finalizeze cu succes procesul de raportare. Orientările sunt completate de recomandări practice şi o serie de resurse utile.

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Report on typical mistakes in SEAP templates submitted by the Covenant of Mayors signatories in the Eastern Partnership region

The report is developed by the Technical Helpdesk of the CoM East based on the results of analysis of 134 SEAP templates submitted by CoM East signatories in 2018, aimed to identify and systemize typical mistakes made by signatories in the “My Covenant” platform. The purpose of this document is to inform signatories on the identified deviations and to encourage them to avoid typical mistakes in the future, thus, increasing the accuracy of online reporting.


The PubLiCity project brochure

How to modernize public lighting - a complete step-by-step guide based on the case of Polotsk City.

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Introductory guide to the work with CoM Extranet profile

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Guidebook: How to develop a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan in the Eastern Partnership Countries

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Guidance on the reporting of the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy

The guide was produced to assist signatories in understanding of the reporting principles under the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy.

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Template of SEСAP

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Guidelines for developing an action plan for sustainable energy development (SEAP) in the cities of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia

The document is intended to support the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors in the process of developing the SEAP. This guide is the result of joint work between the Joint Research Center and the Covenant of Mayors' Office, with significant contributions from local and regional energy experts.


Guidelines for reporting on SEAP implementation

Guidelines will provide an opportunity to become familiar with the reporting system of the Covenant of Mayors.

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Template for monitoring the implementation of the SEAP

Template of the monitoring report on SEAP implementation, which must be completed by signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.


Questionnaire (form) for data collection

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Reference Data Tool

The tool contains a database on national energy consumption indicators for different sectors and energy carriers for each of the 11 countries that are members of the "Covenant of Mayors - East" (CoM East) group: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
It should be noted that the tool is designed to provide reference data to help you in the absence of local data. This can be especially useful for small communities where there is no system for collecting local data. To facilitate the use of the reference data tool, a guide to its use was developed, explaining the main input data, as well as the output data calculated by the tool.

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Covenant of Mayors: an approach to the definition of emission projections based on the "conventional development" scenario for the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia

The methodology of the Covenant of Mayors - East was expanded due to the possibility of emission projections based on the "normal development" scenario, from which national coefficients for previous years were obtained. Thus, signatories are able to calculate their emissions inventory from the total amount of total emissions in the base year and their forecasts by 2020.


Handbook for Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors

A handbook for signatories who have just joined the initiative. The document describes the obligations of the signatories, the assistance that the Office of the Covenant of Mayors provides, the various stages of the obligations of the signatories.

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Short guide - An overall action plan for sustainable energy development

Guidelines for the development of a general SEAP for local authorities interested in preparing a joint action plan.

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Short guide - Analysis of the overall action plan for sustainable energy development

Guidelines for the analysis of the General SEAP for Territorial Coordinators of the Covenant of Mayors.

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The processes of SEAP submission and verification

The document describes the processes of SEAP submission and verification that are carried out by the Covenant of Mayors' Office and the Joint Research Center for the approval of the SEAP in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative.

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Handbook for Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors

A brief overview of the commitments undertaken by the associations of local and regional authorities of the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia.


Handbook for Coordinators of the Covenant of Mayors

A brief overview of the commitments undertaken by the Territorial and National Coordinators of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia.


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